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Chronic pain..


Chronic pain..

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Ally G (Lupus survivor since 2010)


living with a chronic illness is shitty because my explanation for why I missed school or couldn’t go to a social event is always “I was sick” and people get tired of that really quickly

"you were sick last week too"
yes I was sick last week, I am sick this week, I will be sick next week and I will possibly be sick forever, deal with it

Amen!!!! Preach!!!

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And the new quest begins …

At my last rheumy’s appointment, he told me he was going to be moving to another clinic. It was like a break up, I doubt I will be making that drive to see him. Because of my illness, I have become friends with my doctor, in fact, I sometimes bring him cupcakes and brought him a gift for his daughter when she was born. I have put my life in his hands pretty much and now I have to go find another doctor. This sucks but I guess there is other fish in the sea. Please pray for me as I start my quest to find a new rheumatologist.